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Jewish Contemporary Art with Ancient Keynotes

Contemporary Israeli artists are often riffing off techniques that have been pioneered by the cutting edge art of a century ago. Marc Chagall and Picasso have inspired various riffs in Jewish-themed art, and even pop-art from half a century by the likes of Man Ray and Warholl receive their studens among contemporary Israeli artists. Popular Israeli artists such as Rolly Schafer of Safed and Michal Meron of Tel Aviv show influences of impressionism and expressionism, respectively. Other popular artists are moving to mixed media technologies, employing video and electronic content in their work, as well as computer printing and photography.

Those who seek buy Israeli art are thus confronted with a mixture of older and newer styles and techniques. There are Israeli art galleries that also tend towards one or the other style for various buyers of Israeli art. For Jewish themes, as in broader spheres of life, those seeking explicitly Jewish or Torah themes tend to buy Israeli art in Jerusalem or Safed, whereas those seeking more universal themes will often choose Israeli art galleries in Tel Aviv.

In that sense, Menucha Page’s artwork is unique, combining cutting edge techniques with ancient themes in ways seldom seen in Israel art galleries and thus increasingly popular among buyers of Israeli art.