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Our Process

Our Process

Menucha Page Fine Art works with a number of techniques — painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture/the plastic arts — and a number of background media — including glass, metal, wood, and canvas — as well as special finishes — to make the work more or less glossy and reflective. The goal is to create the perfect blend of techniques, media, and colors in the artwork to bring out the underlying meaning of the piece as well as to fit the space in which the piece is designed to complement.

Working out of her studio in Jerusalem, Israeli, Menucha spends many long hours planning and executing her unique Jewishly rooted and inspired artwork. She literally loses track of time in the creative process, watching carefully and modifying as the various elements of every piece of art come together

Commissioned Work

For commissioned work, Menucha tries to get into the head of the person commissioning the work, speaking about the vision for the piece, as well as examining the space in which the piece is to be displayed, and asking very concrete specific questions about color scheme, materials used, and the underlying theme of the piece, whether Torah art or abstract art. Menucha then goes to work to produce a draft, which can sometimes be modified several times as the buyer refines and redefines his or her vision for the work. At times, Menucha creates multiple prototypes of a work of art to give the person ordering the work the opportunity to see different possible expressions of the artistic vision. In rendering the preliminary design, Menucha will use the same techniques, whether painting, drawing, the plastic arts, or photography, but she saves the polished version for the final design on which the buyer decides. The goal is to get everything right, to create a work of beauty and enduring joy for the person ordering and everyone who enters into the space where the work is displayed.

Spiritualy Defined Art

Working out of her studio in Jerusalem Israel, often Menucha will let the spiritual basis of the piece guide the outcome of the piece. She will let the ancient Torah theme guide the choice of design elements, in this way allowing the spiritual to define the art. In this way, the Jewish underpinnings of the art are actually the guiding force behind the art, and not the other way around.